Neal & Wolf Behind The Scenes

We recently worked with Celeste Arnold and Luke Cannon to shoot some ‘Get the Look,’ styles for Neal & Wolf. The shoot forms part of the Summer Solstice campaign that we created for Neal & Wolf, to show 4 x…

By Scarlett Weston - On 10 Jun 2015

Neal & Wolf – Setting sales soaring this summer

June has seen the launch of Neal and Wolf’s Summer Solstice campaign, inviting stylists and consumers to redefine their summer style. With the launch of a summer collection and new aerosol hairspray Control, the sales team have been equipped with…

By Scarlett Weston - On 5 Jun 2015

Interesting Thursdays

It’s that Thursday time again. No, not the thirsty bit, the interesting bit. Beautiful Origami from a Vietnamese chap called Hoang Tien Quyet, using a technique called ‘wet-folding’. Check out the lovely little stop motion video on his flickr page. Here’s a lovely…

By Steve Latham - On 4 Jun 2015

Dear Diary

Once upon a time, people used to write their private thoughts, worries, highs and lows in their diaries, for their eyes only. Nowadays people diarise their every move on social media – for everybody’s eyes! Peyton Fulford is a 20-year-old photographer…

By Scarlett Weston - On 4 Jun 2015

Lavitta Highlights

It’s been three months since the brand launch and Lavitta is going from strength to strength. The response from consumers and press has been fantastic, with particular highlights including our launch on Ideal World TV, featuring at The Haven Breast…

By - On 29 May 2015

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