Interesting Thursdays

This is my first attempt at being interesting on a Thursday, so please go easy on me. As it finally feels like summer has arrived (for a day or two anyway), I thought it would be appropriate to find some…

By kyle bibby - On 2 Jul 2015

Big Returns for Clipper

This June, Clipper delivered the 3rd in their popular series of Future Forums, which covered the growing challenge of dealing with retail returns.  Having previously held events on the topics of e-fulfilment and portcentric logistics, these Future Forums support Clipper’s position…

By Julian Pearce - On 25 Jun 2015

Interesting Thursdays

Hello, here we are once more, the day of the Thursday. I thought I’d make this Interesting all about photography, for no reason whatsoever. First up are these beautiful and slightly disturbing close ups of eyes taken by Suren Manvelyan.…

By Sophie Killingray - On 25 Jun 2015

Interesting Thursdays

It’s called Interesting Thursday, but for this post we shall call it Terrifying Thursday. Because we’re talking robots. And as everyone knows, robots are on the verge of taking over our jobs, our wars and our men/women. That’s right. They…

By Joseph Hughes - On 18 Jun 2015

Tangle Teezer Teams up with Propaganda

Global haircare phenomenon Tangle Teezer has signed up with Propaganda on a marketing brief aimed at embedding the brand and growing sales, which will include repositioning the business to help promote new products aimed at the blow-styling market. Tangle Teezer…

By Julian Pearce - On 17 Jun 2015

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