Interesting Thursday

Well that was a bloody good week to be here in Yorkshire weren’t it lad? And now it just gets even better with your weekly hit of visual goodness to make you feel all warm and lovely inside. Cracking.  …

By Ben Bateson - On 10 Jul 2014

All aboard for LVL

Train tickets? Check. Notes? Check. Overpriced travel coffee? Check. Forget to download stuff to listen to on train? Check. Start of new campaign for LVL lashes? Check. Yesterday saw myself and the team head down to London for the casting…

By Ben Bateson - On 9 Jul 2014

All ears and on air for The Car Buying Service

The Hacienda, Corrie, a couple of decent football teams. Manchester’s famous for quite a few things. Well now you can add The Car Buying Service to that list as that’s where we were recording their latest radio ads this week.…

By Ben Bateson - On 8 Jul 2014


  Sometimes, massive sporting events are criticised for a lack of personality and a polished corporate sheen. And the Yorkshire organisers of this year’s Grand Départ (of the Tour de France) have come in for some criticism, notably at the…

By Julian Pearce - On 4 Jul 2014

Interesting Thursday

Thursday again eh? Better dig out the old box file marked ‘blooming awesome stuff to show people that will delight their eyes, make them smile and generally make their day seventeen point five percent better than it was before they…

By Ben Bateson - On 3 Jul 2014

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