Is it a bird… is it a plane…?

What do you get when you mix a superhero cape with a jet pack? Well, throw in a rocket, a few models, 6 pizza boxes, a Vespa; then add a photographer in the mix and you get the CNG photoshoot.…

By Nicole Bateman - On 28 Aug 2015

Forget red or blue, Manchester is now green

Following the opening of the ReFood Widnes AD plant in late 2014 – this summer sees the launch of ReFood to Manchester’s business community. This campaign was designed to highlight the ‘greener, safer, cheaper’ benefits of food waste recycling with…

By Rachael Kynaston - On 24 Aug 2015

Interesting Thursdays

It’s Thursday, it’s interesting First up, Honda’s new ad campaign inspired by space travel Here’s one for cycling fans. Mondial is a new road cycling magazine from Rapha  Bad Boys FC: A series of lighthearted photos that recreate infamous footballing…

By Perry Smith - On 20 Aug 2015

#SocialSeen: Video Takeover

Back in January we predicted that 2015 was set to be the year of the video and now the latest Ofcom report has revealed that almost a fifth of adults admit they are hooked on social, as video apps such as…

By Amy Miller - On 18 Aug 2015

Interesting Thursdays

Hello viewers of the Thursday that is interesting. Ok, you’re all busy, let’s get started. Feast your eyes on a selection of 3D letters from Alexis Persani. Click through to see the full alphabet line up in all it’s glory.…

By Sophie Killingray - On 13 Aug 2015

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