Propaganda Delivers Clipper’s European Expansion Message

With predicted global growth in online retail, more UK retailers are looking for a truly ‘cross border’ logistics solution, that takes cost, complexity and risk out of the supply chain process. Clipper’s recent acquisition of German logistics specialist, Geist, has…

By Lucille - On 6 Dec 2013

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Social Media: What happens when a 140 character tweet has the power to bring down the courtroom.

Social media is commonly seen as an open forum for the freedom of expression. Across a range of platforms people tweet, filter and post their opinions, thoughts and musings often without particular thought or regard to the effect or consequence…

#SocialSeen: The #Selfie is digital marmite

The Selfie has had much air time this week… The word #Selfie made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, whilst journalists, like Polly Vernon, started campaigns against them… “step 1; stop taking pics. Step 2: oh, that’s it”.  Polly says selfies…

By Claire Anderson - On 28 Nov 2013

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Interesting Thursday

Saw an old ad – forgot how good it was, so decided to do a post on some classics. So we got a coastguard, chicken, car, ooooph and a bunny. That is all.   German coastguard:   Chicken:   Budget:…

By Ben Bateson - On 28 Nov 2013

@RailBookClub #SocialSeen.

I’ve recently noticed brands and business making more of an effort to connect their online and offline communities. From Topshop hanging signs on certain items of clothing instore labelling them the ‘most pinned item’, to live tweet screens in the…

By Jenna Stirland - On 27 Nov 2013

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