Interesting Thursdays

I’m hijacking Interesting Thursdays this week from our senior copywriter Joseph Hughes to bring you some beautiful illustrations from three talented artists. First up is Fiona Staples, a Canadian comic book artist who is regarded as one of the best…

By - On 11 Jun 2015

Neal & Wolf Behind The Scenes

We recently worked with Celeste Arnold and Luke Cannon to shoot some ‘Get the Look,’ styles for Neal & Wolf. The shoot forms part of the Summer Solstice campaign that we created for Neal & Wolf, to show 4 x…

By Scarlett Weston - On 10 Jun 2015

Neal & Wolf – Setting sales soaring this summer

June has seen the launch of Neal and Wolf’s Summer Solstice campaign, inviting stylists and consumers to redefine their summer style. With the launch of a summer collection and new aerosol hairspray Control, the sales team have been equipped with…

By Scarlett Weston - On 5 Jun 2015

Interesting Thursdays

It’s that Thursday time again. No, not the thirsty bit, the interesting bit. Beautiful Origami from a Vietnamese chap called Hoang Tien Quyet, using a technique called ‘wet-folding’. Check out the lovely little stop motion video on his flickr page. Here’s a lovely…

By Steve Latham - On 4 Jun 2015

Dear Diary

Once upon a time, people used to write their private thoughts, worries, highs and lows in their diaries, for their eyes only. Nowadays people diarise their every move on social media – for everybody’s eyes! Peyton Fulford is a 20-year-old photographer…

By Scarlett Weston - On 4 Jun 2015

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