Propaganda 21

This year we celebrated our brilliant achievement of 21 years in business, so it only felt right to continue the celebration on our social channels. Over the past few weeks we’ve showcased a selection of the work that we’ve created…

By Jenna Stirland - On 18 Dec 2015

Interesting Thursdays

Lovely set of illustrations for Air France Magazine by Tom Haugomat Nice posters designed for Salts Mill by local designer Jonathan Shackleton 

By Corey Benfield - On 17 Dec 2015

BTS: At The Neal & Wolf Brand Shoot

Diaphanous flowing dresses, a vintage iron bed, glitter, wind fans, a hell of a lot of wafting and a year of seasons all in one day… The Neal & Wolf new brand shoot took place last week in London. Shot by…

By Scarlett Weston - On 15 Dec 2015

Waste for good

  Because more food is wasted at Christmas than any other time of year, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for the UK’s greener, safer, cheaper food waste recycling service to be able to make a big difference to those who…

By Nicole Bateman - On 10 Dec 2015

Change of Focus: Keeping Corporate Comms Relevant

  In the world of PR, change is the only constant.  It was just a matter of years ago that mediums such as direct mail and word of mouth were the primary methods of communication for brands and their campaigns. …

By Kate Ryrie - On 9 Dec 2015

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