Interesting Thursdays

Alluring, amusing, attractive, beautiful, compelling, curious, delightful, engaging, exotic, fascinating, impressive, intriguing, lovely, pleasing, provocative, refreshing, stimulating, striking, thought-provoking, unusual, absorbing, affecting, arresting, captivating, enchanting, engrossing, enthralling, entrancing, gripping, inviting, stirring, winning, charismatic, elegant, exceptional, pleasurable… INTERESTING! Let’s go! The…

By Sophie Killingray - On 5 Nov 2015

Don’t make a hash of your hashtags

Here at Propaganda we love a good hashtag. They’ve cemented themselves as one of the most effective tools for marketing and are increasingly crucial in the world of social media. Hashtags are a great way to promote your brand, making…

By Amy Miller - On 3 Nov 2015

Making Things go Bump in the Night for Ann Summers

Propaganda are here to help you make the most of the spooky season with a Halloween campaign for leading retailer, Ann Summers. During the build up to the most terrifying date in the calendar, a targeted strategy sought to bring the…

By Leah Hepworth - On 30 Oct 2015

The Infrastructure Express

Media, politicians and business leaders were in attendance at the National Railway Museum in York for the launch of the new National Infrastructure Commission, and Propaganda were on hand to capture the mood. The venue was no accident, with the…

By Julian Pearce - On 30 Oct 2015

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Interesting Thursdays

Given Halloween’s almost upon us, here’s some outstandingly spooky, ethereal photography from Kyle Thompson.   Here’s an interactive notepad created to promote ‘Think With Google’, and designed by MultiAdaptor. They were initially asked to design an exhibition but decided to create an interactive…

By Scarlett Weston - On 29 Oct 2015

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